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This blog only works because of the great contributions from people who are actually using resources and doing things on the ground. That’s you. Do you have an idea? Did you try something in your parish and it went well? Want to share it so others ‘borrow’ the idea? Or have you got that invaluable website or information you think is worth sharing? This is the place for you. We can share websites, audio, video, text, photos – just about anything that you can get onto a computer. To contribute, get in touch with us and we will give you access to the blog so you can write and contribute to the site. Email or David, Amber or Jenny (see ‘contact us’ page). It may also be possible for you to contribute by email – get in touch and we will see what we can do!

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  1. stpeterssd says:

    Have you thought about your children leading worship and not sure where to start?

    We took the plunge last year at St Peter’s and handed over the leadership of class worship to the children. We have a weekly theme which helps them to plan their session and of course the class teacher is on hand for support. The children are given some time in the week to work in a small group to plan the following week’s reflection linking their ideas to a Bible verse or story. They have been incredibly creative and thoughtful. Each class has a ‘Spiritual Journey’ in which the class log what they have done with photos and thoughts.

    A format that works well for them would look something like this:

    Music is chosen by the children and played whilst children sit on carpet (often a you tube clip with a nice image)

    A candle is lit to signify the start

    One or two children introduce the theme and read a passage from the Bible (sometimes children dramatise the reading)

    They then have an ‘activity’ which can be as simple as picking up a glass nugget in turn, saying a prayer in their head and placing the glass nugget in a bowl.

    Close with a prayer (sometimes the school prayer or the Grace)

    The Juniors plan this independently but KS1 obviously have a teacher taking the lead and children participate.

    Next, we would like children to incorporate other techniques, dance, looking at art work, playing their musical instrument etc.

    Feel free to visit us and see it in action, take part and share ideas with us. We haven’t got it perfect but we are enjoying exploring what we can do.

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