Grave Talk


Many parishes are nervous about trying out a Grave Talk event because in the same way that the Victorians didn’t talk about sex, we don’t talk about death.  But if Christians can’t help people talk about dying, who can?   The following comments are from Burpham church following their Grave Talk event.

“I was amazed how well it went – the conversation was very free flowing and remarkably open. Some of the ladies on my table were widows so they had first-hand knowledge.
I used the grave talk cards to broaden the conversation a couple times but there was no shortage of conversation.
Then the funeral director chap asked for questions and both questions and answers were very open and blunt. There was then a desire to arrange a behind the scenes tour of the crem!”

“My main observation would be people were much more open and willing to talk about the reality and detail of death, funerals etc than I thought.”

You can find more details about Grave Talk at

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