How to survive at Christian Festivals 4/5

In part 4 we look at the three ‘f’s of Festivals – Food, Phones and Frolicking. Having a plan for things certainly makes it better, and what young person would go to a festival without a phone charging plan in 2016? A lot of the issues that come up at festivals are made much simpler with a pre-agreed plan. Here we look at what they might be like…

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1 Response to How to survive at Christian Festivals 4/5

  1. Louise says:

    Great advice and very amusing! Just back from New Wine with a great bunch of youngsters and pleased to say we survived. The fall out from lack of sleep can be interesting at times! Bring extra sleeping bags and blankets is my top tip, it is colder than you think at night. Charging phones wasn’t such an issue this year, some brought mobile, mobile chargers and they had plugs in the youth cafe, which helped. I saw someone sat outside the toilets with an extension lead with four phones plugged in! Next year I am going to suggest we pack the night before so we can check on how much stuff people are bringing!! My guess is someone them didn’t use half of it (but do pack your wellies!)

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