12 Videos of Christmas (2015) 4

Number 4 in our list is this the ad the perhaps broke the internet the other week – from John Lewis (commercial content, of course!). Lots of comment online and in the press about this, which I don’t really need to add to. Except to wonder – yes Christmas is about crossing the divide, yes it is about connecting with the outsider. But the divide that is crossed is the one between humanity and God, and the outside drawn inside is us. Not about a sentimental ad that makes us feel better or shop at a particular shop!

Also worth noting that Christmas didn’t cost God a fortune. It cost him the very best, most costly thing he had. His Son.

While you’re here, why not search all our 12 videos, using the tag ’12 videos of Christmas’.

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2 Responses to 12 Videos of Christmas (2015) 4

  1. Louise says:

    Have you seen this remake?
    John Lewis Christmas 2015 remake posted by Dan Rackham

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