Parish Administrators

The PDE team has just been talking to the gathered parish administrators morning at Willow Grange. So I thought we might gather some useful resources here that might be good for you. If you have any more suggestions, use the comments below or let us know and we will give you a log on to add your own!

If you want to have good looking email that is mobile friendly (half of our mailings are opened no a mobile) there’s lots of software online. We use mailchimp and can help you get up and running with it. If you want a simple online presence, we use this – a wordpress blog. Happy to show you how it works.

We can help you think about stewardship, youthwork, children’s work, parish vision and more. Do just get in touch using the details above!

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1 Response to Parish Administrators

  1. Juliet Evans says:

    Parish Administrators can also go to the Church of England’s Parish Resources website at Originally set up for stewardship matters, it now contains a number of useful downloads, guides, materials for parish administration.

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