Homeless or Houseless?

In a conversation this morning with Stu (youthworker at Westcott. Hi Stu!) we were talking about homelessness. There’s a homelessness crisis in the UK, but one that never makes the News. Not that people don’t have a roof over their head (though there are many like that too, sadly) but rather lots of people that don’t have a home, young people in particular. Not a house (bricks and mortar) but a home – a place where you belong, are safe, grow up and are encouraged. Left me wondering about the homeless crises. If only there was somewhere people could go where they can belong, be safe, grow up and be encouraged. Sounds like how a church should be to me. Can we be more like a home and less obsessed with being a house?

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1 Response to Homeless or Houseless?

  1. Louise says:

    Very thought provoking.

    I have a picture in my head of our church with a welcome mat, ‘open all hours’ sign, comfy sofas and maybe a few ducks flying on the wall! Not so sure the ducks would pass PCC approval!😃

    I am very grateful that church is like home for me and my family, a home from home, a place where we meet our church family. I pray that others find this too.🙏

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