Revelation Magazine Launched – by and for young people

Revelation Mag

Revelation Magazine has launched.

As they say in their press release, ‘What makes us different? We treat young adults as exactly that! Talking to our target market, this is what they wanted, to be treated as adults and not to be talked down at. They also wanted issues that we face in the world today and reactions to what is going on in the news. We have produced the first issue of Revelation magazine featuring the film Son Of God on the cover. We spoke to producer/actress Roma Downey, shortly after the film was released about the making of the film and what inspired her to film the whole bible! Apart from this we have looked at living ethically, the women bishops vote that failed in 2012 and why that happened, what it’s like to be a vicar in the middle of nowhere and asking a bishop anything you want. We also have a Think section of the magazine, which covers bible stories and issues that young adults may face.’

The first edition looks great, and we are promised more in the future. And it is produced by a team within the diocese – what more could you want! Do pass the link round to your groups and encourage them to get in touch with the mag direct if they have any feedback.

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