Life on the Frontline


What is your front line? It is the place you engage with the world, the place you probably spend most of your time? ‘Life on The Frontline’ is a 6 session video course from the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity aiming to facilitate 24/7 discipleship by asking such questions as:

Session 1: The Frontline Call – What is my Frontline and why does it matter?

Session 2: The Frontline Commission – What happens when life on our Frontline feels difficult?

Session 3: The Frontline Community – How do all our various church activities equip us for our lives when we are apart?

Session 4: The Frontline Concern – How do you know what to do on your Frontline?

Session 5: The Frontline Cry – How does our Frontline shape our prayers?

Session 6: The Frontline Commitment – How can we sustain our commitment to one another on the Frontline?

Further details from LICC at

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