Nursery Rhyme Mass


The Nursery Rhyme Mass bills itself as ‘Making  eucharist accessible to children: awe and wonder in a sacramental encounter without dumbing  down.’ It succeeds brilliantly.

The text is rewritten to be accessible to children and set to well know tunes, mostly nursery rhymes that children will already know.

I know! I know!  – – you’d expect it to be a little cringe worthy at least, but it isn’t.

This could offer a wonderful way to introduce the eucharist to Messy Church for example.

Of course this is not yet an authorised Anglican litugical text, so use appropriately.

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1 Response to Nursery Rhyme Mass

  1. frsimon says:

    One of the options are the Church of England Eucharistic Prayers for Children, so it is most definitely authorised; and counts as a Fresh Expression anyway, so Canon B5 applied.

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