Table Talk

Table Talk
Often we feel unsure how to get into conversation with our friends about any of the deeper questions of life. Table Talk is a game format that enables people to gather round a table to talk, laugh, be understood and get to know another’s point of view?
In every game there are six big questions.
To play the game six to eight people gather around a table. One of those present reads the 2 minute introduction to that sessions big question. Once the introduction has been read 16 question cards (each question card relates to the big question) are placed facing up on the table.
The game starts as somone picks up a card and poses the question to the group.
Games normally last between 30 an 45 minutes and people answer between 4 or 5 questions.
This is faith sharing from first base, enabling relationships, fun and honest sharing of opinions and beliefs. It is ‘pre-Alpha’, even ‘pre-pre-Alpha’ and as such fills an important gap.
From Lucy Moore, founder of Messy Church, “Puzzling Questions gives the opportunity to adults who want more out of life to chew over big questions and it does it in an imaginative, sensitive and accessible way.”
Editions available so far include: Table Talk for Blokes, for Easter, for Messy (all age) Moments, for all ages of children and young people, for the Armed Forces, for Uni Students.

Go to

An app edition is now available from The Apple app store, with each game only costing 69p

An Android edition is in preparation.

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