Resourcing Weekly Sessions

So. Loads of groups use weekly material for their groups – there are a few places to look for good things, and most are online too! You could have a look at (free, registration required) which is the website linked to ‘The Grid’ and ‘Substance’ which are produced by Scripture Union. They are good in printed form, but even better on the web. You can specify what resources you have available (eg room size, IT kit etc) and how many people come to the group. The site will give sessions based on date, theme or Bible reference. It will even automatically send out emails to you other leaders. Particularly good for Sunday work with young people from Christian homes.

Or there is ‘Energize’ from Urban Saints. A web based resource found at with free samples and some free articles. A subscription costs £20 per month, but a free 6 week trial is available. All sessions can be previewed in part without a subscription.

Other groups use the resources section in youthwork magazine – which comes out each month with 4 sessions ready to use. Each magazine costs £3.50 but cheaper rates available by annual aubscription. You also get a whole magazine thrown in with articles, leader reflections, news and more. Buy it from your local Christian Bookshop or get it delivered by post. Start with their website

You can also use resources from Youth For Christ – mettle and rock solid (for different age groups and community/church groups). Look online here, subsrcriptions cost £25 per month.

Of course if you subscribe to the youth advisers mailing you get a monthly mailing containing the best of the web, youtube resources and information about training days. That’s free. Subscribe here.

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