No Music Group… No Problem: I Sing app

The launch video for Guildford Diocese’s new Mission Strategy showed a music group running with an app that enabled a couple of singers to sound like a whole band. You can find details of it at

There are other apps around, so if you use something else successfully, please add your comments below and share the knowledge around.

Alan Hulme

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How to Survive a Christian Festival 5/5

So what do you do when young people feel challenged by a workshop or a speaker? How do we help young people hear God’s voice amidst what can be quite a confusing and disorientating experience? Our last video considers all these things. Watch out of 2 weeks time for our ‘how to survive re-entry to real life from a Christian Festival’ series. Also check back to see if we have come up with a better title…


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How to survive at Christian Festivals 4/5

In part 4 we look at the three ‘f’s of Festivals – Food, Phones and Frolicking. Having a plan for things certainly makes it better, and what young person would go to a festival without a phone charging plan in 2016? A lot of the issues that come up at festivals are made much simpler with a pre-agreed plan. Here we look at what they might be like…

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How to Survive at Christian Festivals 3/5

In part three, we are looking at first time festival goers, and what on earth you should say to them about what goes on at festivals!

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How to Survive a Christian Festival 2/5

In the second of our mini-series, we consider how to actually get young people to do what they are there for – to go the meetings, and to meet with God. This is the second in our mini-series, first found on Facebook and now here!

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How to Survive a Christian Festival 1/5

Over the Summer we are doing a miniseries over on Facebook all about how to survive a Christian Festival – 5 videos timed to finish as Soul Survivor starts. Practical down to earth advice in video format… But if you want a sneak preview of the entire series, they are being uploaded here first! So first in our series is dealing with practicalities. How to find the festival, showers and generally looking your best at the festival. Good to get the important stuff in first… So here is video 1:

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Try Praying – Youth Booklet

This booklet is aimed at teenagers doubting their own faith, confused by the means of prayer, or unsure of religion all togehter. The booklet has a variety of stories told by teenagers experiencing similar problems, the range of stories means that each individual reading this booklet can relate to at least one of the stories and discover how to overcome this barrier. It can be a reassurance to know that another individual has been in the same position as you and these personal sotories do just that.

The booklet is informative and presented in a colourful, well laid out format, split up into segments. This makes the booklet easy to read and follow. It is short and sharp and explained in simple language and in some places colloquial language which makes it more apealing to young people.

Advice given is helpful and is emphasised by bold headings and animations. There are also links to social media given and a QR code to scan, which is useful for teenagers as they tend to be very active online and on social media.

I would recommend this booklet to any teenager or even a young adult, it has certainly proved useful to me and I am sure it would help many others. It is relevant and applies to atheists and Christians willing to enhance their faith. It explains the Christian practice of prayer well and everything it involves.

Reviewed by Ben, aged 15.

Take a look at the Try Praying website for more information. Booklets can be purchased here, or a  PDF preview can be found here.

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